Habits of a Girlboss

I’m obsessed with that term. Girlboss. It taps into my want of productivity and as we Canadians say going out and given’er! My idea of a girlboss is a polished lady, who makes the effort to run her own shit, make her own money and still be the nicest chicka around. She has her own enterprise, wether it be running her business or running her home, more likely both. She juggles her life with more grace than a Cirque de Soliel act, and if she fails, she’ll take it in stride and get back up and brush it off.

I have a huge lady boner for badass women who seemingly have it together. I’m in no way a Girlboss. But I have aspirations to be one. I’m always researching how to get motivated, to be more productive, and to be less of the procrastinator that I have grown to be. So I simplified it into what I found to be 5 habits of a Girlboss.

Fighting Procrastination

That’s probably the biggest obstacle I have to overcome, and the biggest reason why Girlbosses get shit done. They find ways to get up and do the things that need to be done.

The best way to beat procrastinating? Make lists. Write down the things you want to get done. Simple. Make lists of things you want to do, goals you want to achieve, things you want to get. That’s the great thing about lists, you can make a list of almost anything. Writing them down helps you gather your thoughts into one place. That will help you reflect, organize, and are the starting place of any steps you want to take to complete those lists.

Utilizing Your Time

I’m guilty of spending more time watching stuff on Netflix than any other activity. I didn’t use my time wisely and then I’d wonder why I never got anything done. I had to change my personal schedule. I started getting up way earlier than I was supposed to. That gave me an unexpected start to my day. An early rising changed my perception of time and made me feel like I had more time than I knew what to with. I was literally scrambling to find other stuff to do because my lists weren’t long enough. Now I definitely make longer lists.

It really helps a lot, to just wake up an hour or two early. Maybe you have school, or work in the morning, that’s even more of a reason to get up earlier than usual and get somethings done, plan your day during that time, take your time getting ready and not feeling rushed, do some reading, finish homework. I personally got up early every morning to do some yoga and plan my day, before I had to get my daughter ready for school.

Love to Learn

Don’t ever stop learning. Reading books, taking classes, learning new tricks, whatever way you learn, learn. There are many studies that show that continuous learning keeps your brain in healthy condition and can even ward of brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Learn a language, pick up an instrument. Whatever you desire to do, learn it and do it. Pick up knitting, read the book first instead of watching the movie, whatever your heart desires, learn about it! Learning new things will help you grow in many aspects of your life. Educate yourself, challenge yourself.


Probably the most important thing is selfcare. Care about yourself physically and psychologically. Everyone is different but there are numerous things that can apply as selfcare. Wether it is taking a much needed relaxing bath with a glass of wine and a novel, or hitting up the gym to finely tune your body, selfcare is any thing you do, no matter how big or small, that is deservedly for you. It helps me a lot to have just five minutes to myself in the whirlwind of taking care of a newborn.

As a Girlboss, you have to take care of a lot of things, and to keep that wheel turning and preventing a nervous breakdown, you need to take the time to pamper your self. Take care of yourself mentally with breaks, relaxing or meditating, in any form. Take care of yourself physically, by eating healthy, taking control of bad habits, and any kind of exersize. Take care of yourself. You’s important girl.

Link Up

As an introvert this is hard for me, it’s just not natural, but as I said, I’m working on it. Reach out to the fellow women in your field. The women who you admire, women who inspire you, women who you want to work with, women in general. Women make up over half of the world now. There’s more women than men according to censuses. Women are the leading consumers, and with more women taking life in their hands, women will be leading on the entrepreneurial side. Mo Women No Problems.

Networking is important. I don’t just mean trading business cards, I mean developing relationships with other females wether they be in your line of work, your customers, or even Suzy next door. You never know what opportunities having those relationships will unfold. Build them and be genuine. And don’t step on other people to get ahead. You’re better than that.

I hope to one day be a badass Girlboss, with many accomplishments under my belt. I’m pushing myself and I hope you push yourself too. I only write these blogs to help myself, and hopefully help someone too.

How I Made Budgeting My Bitch

Note: I’m really glad I’m not a big blog right now. As you can tell but my last post, I’ve been MIA for a lot of fortnights 🙃


Being depressed and pregnant and then sleep deprived with a newborn, my will to write was easily vanquished when it arose. Ah, well. It gave me time to build my GIF arsenal.



If you knew me, you would know I was a big spender. I think it has to do with my adolescent years. You see, my parents didn’t have enough money for entertainment. Which is a nice way of saying they were too cheap to spend money on me. Growing up wasn’t too great when all the little girls didn’t include you at lunch time, because you needed a Barbie to get in.


By the time I started high school, my dad had passed away, leaving my mom to pull the weight herself, and myself to continue the life of not having what I wanted. I always felt I lacked things, and uncool because kids always based your worth on material things at that age. It’s why I picked up kleptomania (I stopped, don’t worry)and it’s why I spoil my daughters now. Money now filters through my hands and turns into material objects. And saving money was a joke to me. Sure I can stretch a dollar, but I couldn’t save it unless I left it in a pocket and forget about it. Until I find it in the washing machine and go and spend it.


Now I’m not going to give you some whacked out New Year’s resolution type tips. I don’t believe in them and I don’t believe people who tell me about theirs. You know, and I know, you’re going to either forget or get demotivated, and sweep those resolutions under the rug til the next ball drop. This is why I’m writing this in February. So you can remotivate yourself.


To reign in my spending habits, I couldn’t just write a budget and start from there. Lord knows I have been trying that shit for years. I had even bought one of those fancy budget notebooks and it remains on my shelf with one page filled out. RIP budget of March 2015.

No I had to approach this from behind, with a handkerchief soaked in chloroform. I started by tracking my spending first. For a few months I wrote down everything my money was spent on. It made me more aware of which ‘categories’ it was being allocated to, and tracking let me know how much I money I actually made each month. Be fricking precise. Write down every little knick-knack paddy-whack that you buy. From condoms to dishsoap, write it down! Do this for at least 2 to 3 months, the more data you have, the more efficient you’ll be. Trust. Track.


Since I could see all the shit I was buying, I could see all the useless crap I was buying and places where I probably could’ve saved a little. It was at that moment of looking over everything that I realized that I was… Dun-dun-duuuuh…..an impulse buyer.



You would think I was more financially sound of mind with all the Till Debt Do Us Part episodes I’ve watched. But those were more targeted to getting yourself out if debt, which wasn’t my goal for budgeting. My financial goal was to squash my spending habits, save up money, and not have to live paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to be smarter with my money and to be able to have something for my kids when they got older, or if, God forbid, a calamity arose that I would need emergency money.


What you should take from that is define what your financial goals are. Once they are written, you can take the steps to executing them.

Since you have written everything down, you can split everything into the following categories:

1. Income:

Any money that comes to you is income. Even finding a five dollar bill is considered income. Learn how much a month you take in, and if it fluctuates, don’t average it out. Use the lowest amount as your guideline. That way, you can budget based on that and end up saving a lot more.

2. Necessities:

This is what you need to spend money on. Bills, gas, etc, are all necessities. Food is also a necessity, and there is a lot of room to save when it comes to buying your groceries. Coupons, buying in bulk, or even just going for the generic brands, can save you a lot.

3. Crap:

All the things that you buy, that you don’t need, is considered crap. Now I’m not saying don’t buy crap. But don’t buy crap like how I buy crap. Impulsively, and 99% unnecessary. Set a limit on how much you spend on clothes, gadgets and doohickeys. I don’t need to buy more stuff, I just like it. That feeling of shiny new (or gently used) is euphoric. It also dissipates faster than any other feeling. Even eating out is in this category. I got a hold of my impulse buying by doing one simple thing. Waiting. Whenever I got the urge to buy something, I waited it out. A day, a week, whatever. And if I still had that burning urge to buy it, I would.


Anyway, after you break it down, divy it up. First subtract all the necessities from the income. Whatever is left, gets split up between crap, and the final category, which should be your financial goal. That category can be paying off debts, savings, emergency fund, a backpacking trip to Europe, or a down payment for your first house. In my case, it was saving, until I have enough to split that category up into subcategories.

I’ve been at this for a few months, and although it’s been tough, I’ve found myself buying less and less crap. It’s to the point where I have started carrying over leftover money into my savings and it’s starting to grow. I’m still a little gobsmacked that I even have a savings account,WITH money in it. I went back in time, subconsciously, and bitch slapped myself.

So cliche, but if I can gain control of my erratic spending and turn it into a budget and savings, you can too!!!


Routines: Making and Breaking Habits

Ahhh routines, since the dawn of our own personal existence, we’ve been forced into routine, from bottle feedings to bedtimes, school days and work days. For a long time I’ve always loved routine, from afar. For years, my body was a battlefield, procrastination and organization divided my mind, and like catty frenemies, they glared at each other from across the room, leaving me in the middle, confused as hell. The outcome was me spending time dreaming up routines to do, and writing them down, but never ending up going past that initial day.

From beauty routines, morning routines, eating routines, workout routines, and bedtimes routines, I wrote them all down and they became lost to me. I fantasized about the productivity I would achieve and how these routines would help me reach goals,  create good habits, and break old ones. Oh, the ironic agony. After having my kid, I thought these routines would become easier to hold on to. Alas, she was her own drummer, and her sleep patterns and feeding patterns were sporadic (and I was pretty pooped from taking care of her and myself).

I started my journal recently, and I’ve been good at keeping up with it, and have slowly become engulfed in this routine. It has helped me keep track of my life and my thoughts, goals, wishes, to-dos, and routines. I’ve written a few routines in it, and slowly I have stuck to them. My two halves disappearing, becoming branches of me, rather than their own entities.

Write It Out and Stick It In Your Face

The whole writing out thing didn’t work out for me, but now I can see why. It wasn’t in my face! I would write it out and it would just become a scrap piece of paper. With my routines in my journal, I saw it everyday, therefore that little inspiration I got from seeing it, made me more adamant in following it. It can be anything, a piece of paper, an inspiration board, reminder on your phone; as long as you can see it everyday, it’ll be in your face reminding you, ‘hey yo gurl, do the stuff on this thing!’ For example, a nice little beauty routine, would be great on your bathroom mirror, not only will you see it everyday, but you’ll have a reference to look at until the routine becomes second nature.


Get Inspired

There are tons and tons of people posting their routines on Youtube, and other platforms. Find ones that inspire you and will put you where you want to be. Do you want to wake up earlier and do more things, do you want to stop sleeping with makeup on? Routines make it easier to take action in preforming tasks and keeps you focused. They help you keep consistent with new habits, inhibits that procrastination, makes you productive and even boosts creativity. When you don’t have to think about what you need/want to do, you have more room to do other things with your brain, reducing stress, by preventing things from piling up and becoming overwhelming.


I routine everything from cleaning my house, to getting my daughter through her day. The procrastinator in me is dying, and I’ve found more time to do things I love. I haven’t painted or drawn anything in years and finally had time to produce something. I highly recommend routines, they are pretty much just a form of self care, so take care of yourselves and get it!

Minimal Makeup: For the Not So Minimalist

Let’s face it, your face has a lot of baggage. Not talking about eye bags, I didn’t even notice them, honest. I’m talking about all the wonderful crap that we put on it that makes us feel pretty.

If you are like me, then there is no way in hell that you’re walking into a drugstore for some q-tips and not walking away with a bag full of beauty products. I’m guilty as hell, to the point where I’ll come home half-happy I got these wonderful things, half-ashamed at my lack of self control. Lucky for me I’m a tree that has shed it’s old leaves and trying to grow fresh new ones. Especially controlling my budget. I wanted to go through my makeup stash and purge what I didn’t need, what was old, and what was running out.


(Eh, I doubt not too many will get my Green Day reference there.)

I definitely tried to get some advice, but most of what I found were YouTube beauty gurus organizing their massive stash of products. Understandable, because they get a lot of products to test and review, but if I hear, ‘I’ve had this for 4 years, haven’t opened it, but I willllll,’ one more time, I’m going to cry. Hoarding makeup isn’t practical. There is no way a tsunami is going to stop in it’s wake and say, ‘Guurrrl, give me that unopened 2faced palette and I’ll go away.’ No one needs that much make up. And that goes for me especially. I have no objections for having more makeup reserved for special occasions, though. So it’s time to roll those eyes and get to the good kind of binge and purge.

Let’s talk about the lifespans of your make-up. There are tons of issues with having old makeup, mainly chemical reactions, but to get to know the real deal, try a brand new foundation vs a 2 year old one. The consistency, the way it sits on your face,  and the color are all noticeable differences between the two.

Instead of making a boring list, I found an info-graphic that would be of help.




I’ve been obsessing over capsule wardrobes since 2010. I just created one for my daughter for back to school(perhaps a future post once completed), and I’m capsulizing everything. Muaahahahaha. So I figured why not my makeup. Keep in mind, I do have a really small case for palettes and powders. So I asked myself if I was to be stuck on a desert island, what would I bring? I have managed to narrow it down to these:

Photo Editor_PiWVfK

  1. (not pictured) my Kat von D Lock-It concealer.
  2. My tru-blend foundation by Covergirl
  3. My NYX Liquid suede( I have 4 more in funky colors, but this is a nice neutral for everyday.
  4. My NYX wonder pencil(works as a concealer stick, waterline eyeliner and its a nice nude)
  5. My Marcellene BB Cream ( part of their bronze series)
  6. An Essence contour and highlight crayon ( it was really cheap, and I’m quite happy with it, way better than Kim K’s $48 contour stick that has a tip as long as my fingernail.)
  7. My NYX blush
  8. The Maybelline Master primer(300) and Master strobing liquid(200)
  9. My new fav, the Maybelline Eyestudio gel eyeliner in black
  10. My trusty EOS lip balm
  11. And an E.L.F brow palette, also a new favorite
  12. Lastly my Quo eyeshadow palette

(Sorry I’m not putting specific colors, I just believe what may work for me may not work for you)

So that’s my capsule makeup collection. It’s perfect for my everyday look and even when I want to go more brazen, I can use everything there. Hopefully this inspires you to at the very least depart with the old makeup. What would you have included in this capsule makeup list?




Goals: How to Set Them and Not Forget Them

I’m a procrastinator to the core. Always have been, trying not to be. I’m guilty of planning and starting something and not finishing it. Up until recently, I haven’t changed or made an effort. Now thanks to having started a bullet journal and planner (not to mention a kid starting kindergarten AND a baby on the way) I’ve decided to get my shit together. And I hope I can help anyone who is also in the same boat of procrastination and wants to jump the hell off!

Baby Steps

First and foremost, what I did  was write down what I wanted to achieve. Where I wanted to be in terms of productivity. Writing down helps you see your goals and get them out in the open.

Ask yourself some things while you are writing your goals:

  • What do you want?

It can be something as minute as not letting laundry pile up or big like climbing Everest. Don’t be afraid to want multiple things. I had a lot of goals I wanted to achieve for a long time that I’m finally getting around to. This blog is one of them.

  • Why do you want it(them)?

This is important for pushing you towards your goals. Whether its to lose weight, stick to routines, or writing a blog; you want to define your reasons for doing so. For me, it was being more productive in my days, and filling my day with things that wouldn’t make me feel totally useless as I stayed at home. Just being real. Your reasons why, should be what drives you to your goals.

7 days

Don’t Just Set Them, Go and Get Them!

Now that you know what you want and why, its time for you to figure out what actionable steps you can take to achieve them, and what could help you.

For myself it was my bullet journal, a personal planner pretty much, that I personalized for me. With it I’m able to keep track of my goals, and the steps to take to reach them.

Some of my goals:

  • Start and keep a blog- for years I’ve wanted to do it, and I never got around to it. I think I have a ghost blog with one article on it floating around somewhere. When I devoted some pages to it in my journal, I was able to define my blog content, write down some research( I’m not totally computer literate, and got some tips from the pros), and even figure out a schedule for my topics! One of my main deterrents was not knowing where to start, so writing everything out helped me see what I needed to fix.


  • As I mentioned earlier, I’m expecting a baby, halfway there. And I’m not entirely happy with the direction my body is going. I definitely can’t make time for the gym, and I’m the type of person to be all pumped and workout the first day, then not do anything for a month. Writing out my goals and putting a fitness tracker in my weekly planner, helped me stop procrastinating and forced me to make time for it. Now I’m working out nearly every day(have some rest days) and I’m sticking to it. Hurray for guilt trips. I think a major reason why I couldn’t get passed the planning was because I wanted instant results, and not seeing the progress made me give up.

Pretty much owe it all to my bullet journal, and that itself is a goal. I have purchased many notebooks and planners, and forget to use them. Not this time. I’ve felt like I’ve been in lazy limbo for too long, and I’m finally pulling on my big girl pants and trying to adult. I cannot tell you how much more productive and bad ass I feel, now that I know the direction I want to go, and planning out the steps to get there. A goal is not  just a destination, it is a journey. There will be ups and downs, but that’s part of life and part of achieving your goals. Don’t get disgruntled, and don’t give up.

I’ve taken the liberty of making a printable for you to download, in case you wanted to get started on goalsetting.